Testing Setup for a Gateway with a MoCA Bridge WAN

1 min read

CDRouter can be used with routers that have a Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) interface through the use of an external MoCA bridge. the MoCA bridge is essentially a media converter with Ethernet on one side and MoCA on the other. It bridges packets from a MoCA network to Ethernet and vice-versa.


In this setup CDRouter connects directly to DUT’s LAN interface and the MoCA bridge via Ethernet. The MoCA bridge is then connected to the DUT’s MoCA WAN interface. CDRouter emulates the service provider network on the WAN side and one or more clients on the LAN side.




  • CDRouter or CDRouter-Multiport
  • Two dedicated Ethernet network interfaces
  • One MoCA bridge
  • One router with a MoCA interface