Webinar - Monetizing the connected home using TR-181 Device:2.13

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This webinar was held on Wednesday, February 19th, and was extremely popular! You can request the video on the Broadband Forum website here:

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Monetizing the connected home using TR-181 Device:2.13

It's well known that managed Wi-Fi is the future of Wi-Fi, and end-users looking to utilize the latest smart home (IoT) technology have created a real opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs) to provide value-added services that can both save support costs and provide new revenue streams.

A standardized way of modeling these services, and providing the necessary diagnostic tools and telemetry, is required to realize this opportunity. The Broadband Forum’s (BBF) TR-181 data model, known as “Device:2” has been used by the popular TR-069 management protocol for more than a decade as a standardized way to manage subscriber networks, perform diagnostics, and receive telemetry. The need for highly scalable, high frequency data collection and low-latency cloud-device control loops made BBF develop TR-069s successor, the User Services Platform (USP/TR-369). USP leverages the TR-181 data model which allows for coexistence with legacy devices as well as state-of-the-art Wi-Fi management.

The BBF has consistently updated the model over the last 10+ years, and the current rate of update is typically every six to nine months. The latest update is Device:2.13, which contains components for managing Wi-Fi Multi-AP networks, configuring the most recent Wi-Fi hardware via 802.11ax and WPA3, controlling IoT sensor and control objects, and initiating powerful new packet capture diagnostics.

Project leaders in TR-069, USP, and TR-181, plus experts from Commscope, Domos Labs, Incognito Software, NISC, and QA Cafe held a special panel discussion, which you can download for free from the Broadband Forum. It covered:

  • How to use the new Wi-Fi multi-AP model for telemetry to provide high-quality managed Wi-Fi
  • How the Broadband Forum has standardized the IoT to create interoperable applications
  • How to get valuable packet-level data from your CPE for faster issue resolution
  • Testing and validating implementations of TR-181
  • A look at the future of TR-181, and more!
  • Q&A with the experts that answered attendee questions.

Photo credit: Luca Bravo