CloudShark 2.1.0

Release History

Release Type  Release Number 

Release Date 

Original  CloudShark 2.1 build 1893 Feb. 24th, 2014
Maintenance Release 1  CloudShark 2.1 build 1949 March 25th, 2014 
Maintenance Release 2  CloudShark 2.1 build 1986  April 17th, 2014 

Original release: CloudShark 2.1 build 1893 Feb. 24th, 2014

Announcing CloudShark 2.1

We’re excited to release CloudShark 2.1 which includes a new Wireless Networks tool, sortable tables for all analysis tools, and support for gzip compressed capture files.

New Features and Highlights

New Wireless LAN Analysis Tool

CloudShark’s newest analysis tool parses raw wireless packet captures and identify the following information in a new Wireless Networks report:

  • SSID
  • Vendor OUI (Resolved to company name)
  • Signal Strength (dBm)
  • Channel
  • Security Model

Read more about the Wireless Networks tool here.

Sortable Analysis Tool Tables

Each of the analysis tools that provide tabular data can be now dynamically sorted. Simply click a column you wish sorted, or a second time to reverse sort. Additionally, when an analysis tool is viewed in a new window, the sort is preserved in the URL for you to share with others.

Updated TShark to 1.10.5

CloudShark 2.1 delivers tshark 1.10.5 running behind the scenes, supporting many new protocols and dissectors.

Added Support for Compressed

Files CloudShark can now decompress packet captures compressed as gzip data. Please be aware that gzip compressed capture files will require additional time to decompress before CloudShark can process them. When possible, large capture files should be uploaded without gzip compression.

Bug Fixes and other changes

  • RTP Playback will now stop when you close the Analysis Tool popup window.
  • Clicking on individual bytes within the ASCII pane will highlight the corresponding field in the Decode pane.

Maintenance release 1: CloudShark 2.1 build 1949 March 25th, 2014

Upgraded to tshark 1.10.6

This version disables IPv4 checksum verification by default. To enable this add the following line to your Wireshark preferences:

ip.check_checksum: TRUE 

Please see the Using Wireshark Preferences page for instructions on editing your Wireshark preferences.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed an issue editing pinned search filters.
  • Fixed an issue using the Open API method and a URL with HTTP Authentication.
  • Added support for Internet Explorer 11.
  • Resolved a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability with a script in the URL.

Maintenance release 2: CloudShark 2.1 build 1986 April 17th, 2014

OpenSSL Heartbleed

This version updates the offline installer to include an updated version of OpenSSL to address the Heartbleed vulnerability.

If your CloudShark Appliance is connected to the internet, please read our blog post on the Heartbleed Vulnerability for instruction on how to update OpenSSL to address this vulnerability.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fixed an issue displaying packet loss percentage in RTP stream.
  • Fixed an issue uploading captures via url when the webserver does not include the Content-Length HTTP Header.
  • Fixed an issue displaying certain API Tokens.
  • Fixed links to CloudShark Support website.