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CDRouter Incorporates Nmap Analysis for Broadband Gateway Security

December 01, 2011 • 1 min read

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Portsmouth, NH, USA - QA Cafe, a leader in test and analysis solutions for the telecom and data communications industry, announced that version 7.0 of its popular CDRouter platform has incorporated Nmap, the premier open-source network security scanner.

With the rapid expansion of broadband deployments for both residences and businesses, securing these always-on and potentially vulnerable networks has become a top priority. The cornerstone of these networks is the gateway; whether distributed by a Service Provider or incorporated off-the-shelf into the home or business. The security of these devices, often with default or provider-dictated configurations, is now a critical part of the quality assurance cycle before they end up in customer networks.

“We are very excited about including Nmap functionality in the CDRouter family,” said Joe McEachern, CEO of QA Cafe. “As the networking community’s de-facto security scanner, it will allow device vendors using CDRouter™ to verify the security of their products long before they end up in the customer premises.”

“I’m glad to see more innovative uses of Nmap in the networking and security community,” said Gordon Lyon, creator of the Nmap Security Scanner. “QA Cafe CDRouter’s integration with Nmap helps ensure robust and secure home networks in an increasingly broadband-enabled world.”