Save valuable time and resources with a fully automated test solution

Network device testing doesn't need to be complex, expensive & time consuming.

CDRouter is the industry-leading test solution for networking products, including broadband gateways, Wi-Fi and mesh routers, APs, firewalls and more.

With world-class support from industry experts, CDRouter provides time-saving automation, network simulation, and clear pass/fail results so that businesses can build their products with robust security, functionality, protocols and features.

Develop best-in-class networking products with confidence

Fully automated enabling 24/7 testing and easy integration into your CI/CD environment

Thousands of ready-to-run test cases with no coding or development required

Guaranteed repeatable testing with clear pass/fail results and detailed logs make CDRouter ideal for both experts and novices

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Discover what makes CDRouter the global standard in network device testing.

CDRouter is used to test the products you know and trust

"The bottom line is that CDRouter and the QA Cafe team have increased the reliability and quality of the Airties products significantly."

Connecting the dotsDiscover how CDRouter is helping customers build better network products


Beyond the Phy - Best Practices for Testing Wi-Fi Routers, APs, and Mesh Systems

May 03, 2021 · 15 min read

A guide for building best-in-class Wi-Fi products in a highly competitive market.

Case Studies

IOPSYS uses CDRouter to guarantee high-quality SDK for broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers

October 15, 2021

IOPSYS Software Solutions AB is a Swedish company taking the lead in bringing the open-source business model to broadband gateways and Wi-Fi routers. Here's how they use CDRouter to shorten their development cycles and improve customer confidence.


How and why to test your CPE with CDRouter - with Steen Enevoldsen

November 18, 2021

Steen Enevoldsen is an industry veteran who has worked for both vendors and operators worldwide. He's also a CDRouter power-user! Watch this video where he explores how to get the most out of test tools like CDRouter and how to justify the purchase to your company.

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