Save valuable time and resources with a fully automated test solution

Network device testing doesn't need to be complex, expensive & time consuming.

CDRouter is the industry-leading test solution for networking products, including broadband gateways, Wi-Fi and mesh routers, APs, firewalls and more.

With world-class support from industry experts, CDRouter provides time-saving automation, network simulation, and clear pass/fail results so that businesses can build their products with robust security, functionality, protocols and features.

Develop best-in-class networking products with confidence

Fully automated enabling 24/7 testing and easy integration into your CI/CD environment

Thousands of ready-to-run test cases with no coding or development required

Guaranteed repeatable testing with clear pass/fail results and detailed logs make CDRouter ideal for both experts and novices

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Discover what makes CDRouter the global standard in network device testing.

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How to secure the connected home - a special live session with F-Secure and QA Cafe

February 28, 2021 · 1 min read

Hackers have identified subscriber home networks as rich targets for malicious attacks. As a result, broadband service providers are looking at security in the CPE to protect their subscribers, network, and brand, and Wi-Fi router manufacturers want to differentiate their products with advanced security features.

Videos, Webinars

Beyond the Phy - Testing Fully-Featured Wi-Fi Products

March 01, 2021 · 1 min read

As new 802.11 technologies address coverage and congestion issues, Wi-Fi routers and APs must support a web of configuration and feature options while handling complex applications and networking technologies. Testing and validation of performance, stability, and interoperability are critically important for the success of your products and services.

Case Studies

Latin Telecom Uses CDRouter to Help Operators Deliver Better Services Through Testing

April 20, 2021 · 3 min read

Whether it is for broadband Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), home or enterprise Wi-Fi, or web-applications, Latin Telecom understands the benefits of automated testing to produce the best customer experience for broadband subscribers.

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