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AirTies delivers the best wireless home network experience through automated testing

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AirTies focuses on quality

AirTies Wireless Networks Wi-Fi mesh and smart extender systems are the most deployed, robust and financially viable solution for service provider deployment on the market. Maintaining that status is no small feat, however. A key factor in AirTies’ achievement comes from testing and quality assurance at every stage of their development process.

AirTies Test Teams aim to improve complete AirTies solutions’ quality consistently and advance testing capabilities by encouraging research and development of new test technologies and methodologies. To reach this AirTies has created its own infrastructure with different testing tools. Reliable and repeatable validation testing can take a lot of effort, especially for complex and powerful protocols like TR-069 or IPv6. AirTies wanted to make sure their Wi-Fi systems not only conformed to the latest standards, but worked well for the end-user, improving their confidence in their service provider’s offering.

“Our first need for automated testing came from the need to perform in-house TR-069 tests,” said Koray Obasaranlar, Senior Design Verification Test Engineer at AirTies Wireless Networks. We wanted a reliable and easy-to-automate solution to our testing needs, and saw the chance to make our products standard compliant (particularly BBF.069 certification) to ensure the quality we need to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.”




- Koray Obasaranlar, Senior Design Verification Test Engineer at AirTies Wireless Networks


CDRouter automation revolutionizes unit testing

“We started by automating the test process of our smart mesh extender products’ TR-069 features,” said Koray. “CDRouter is the industry standard for TR-069 testing, but in addition to coverage, the detailed reporting capabilities of CDRouter were a real advantage. Increased visibility of the current status of products improved decision making overall.”

“We’ve been able to really extend our test capability, too,” added Koray. “CDRouter provides in-depth protocol analysis for in-demand technologies such as TR069, IPv6, QoS, and more. Having the ability to perform tests on such features increases the reliability and quality of the AirTies software offering.”

“With ease of use both in terms of functionality and time saving, CDRouter revolutionized the ‘unit testing’ structure in our development process,” said Koray. “By using the wide range of tests available in CDRouter, it has been much easier to test the development alongside the impact of the development on the product in general.”


Guaranteeing quality from one release to the next

“Compared to manual execution, we significantly decreased our test execution time, providing us the ability to react quickly during regression testing,” said Koray. “Moreover, the experience we had with the customer support is excellent. They have been very quick in responding to our questions and helped us to better understand the capabilities of CDRouter to the fullest. Working with QA Cafe has really reduced the time spent on debugging and analyzing issues which are reported by customers/operators.”

“The bottom line is that, with CDRouter and QA Cafe’s team, we have improved confidence in our products, which helps us promote our products better to customers and demonstrate that the AirTies solution is the best on the market. CDRouter has increased the reliability and quality of the AirTies software offering and significantly did, does and will continue to increase customer satisfaction and perfect the in-home Wi-Fi Experience for the end users.”