CloudShark 3.0 - Introducing DeepSearch

July 11, 2016 • 1 min read

These are the packets you’re looking for

New in CloudShark 3.0, DeepSearch lets you get more out of your capture archive by finding packets that match standard Wireshark filters. Select captures, run a DeepSearch, and CloudShark will identify the captures containing those packets. Then use CloudShark’s web-based analysis to drill-down, share, and resolve. It’s that easy.


Look inside your captures without pouring over packets
Use standard Wireshark display filters across multiple captures
Easily drill-down to find security events and application problems
Sign up for a hosted account or install a local CloudShark Enterprise server and let CloudShark DeepSearch take over the hard work of looking through your packets.

We’ve also added a new DNS Activity tool and support for new dissectors using tshark 2.0. Check it out!