CDRouter Release 10.3 - DOCSIS, DUT Control, and More

March 22, 2017 • 2 min read

CDRouter 10.3 is now available! We recently teased the release of CDRouter DOCSIS, and 10.3 contains that plus much more.


Introducing CDRouter DOCSIS

Testing both your cable modem and eRouter together in an automated, repeatable way has never been easy. With our new DOCSIS add-on, we’ve added all of the common DOCSIS configuration services so you can flex CDRouter’s power with both cable modems and complex eRouters that include Wifi, firewalls, and other user-critical services - all at once, all overnight, and completely automated.


Security tests for TR-069 Connection Request

The recent attack by the Mirai worm seeking to replicate itself on home routers has brought the security of WAN facing ports to the forefront of the news cycle. While not a TR-069 exploit per se, there are routers vulnerable to code injection attacks by allowing certain applications to be accessible over the CWMP Connection Request port. We’ve added a set of tests that make sure your DUT isn’t responding to things it should not, and is authenticating communications correctly.


Control your DUT without leaving CDRouter

When in the middle of CPE testing, testers often have to switch over to their DUT interface to change configurations or check statistics. CDRouter 10.3 adds the ability to add DUT interface information so you are just one-click away from your that interface. If you have a switchable power supply set up to reboot your DUT, you can now control that from CDRouter’s web interface as well.

All that, plus a ton of new test cases, and more! Upgrade to 10.3 in the CDRouter lounge or read the full release notes.