CloudShark at Sharkfest 2017

June 08, 2017 • 3 min read

Sharkfest talks we’re looking forward to

We make CloudShark because we want to make packet analysis easier for everybody - and who better to learn from than the experts themselves?

Since everything we learn will help make CloudShark better, here are a few of the SharkFest talks we’re looking forward to:

Using Wireshark to solve real problems for real people

Kary Rogers is a packet jockey of PacketBomb fame - and as he says on his site, the packet’s don’t lie. We’re looking forward to this one because it dives into a “real-world” approach; something that is really helpful for anyone who doesn’t spend every waking hour doing packet analysis. That, and if you’ve ever seen his site, he’s always entertaining. A great chance to up our own game!

Hands-on TCP Analysis, Hands-On Analysis of Multipoint Captures, and Command Line Review of Wireshark CLI Tools

Jasper Bongertz (PacketFoo) and Christian Landström are effectively the Jedi warriors of Wireshark. We’re convinced they know enough about packet analysis to actually re-work the fabric of reality using only network data. Naturally, we always look forward to their talks, even if we come out with a headache and a strange sense of enlightenment.

Analyzing Exploit Kit Traffic

We came across Brad Duncan ( when we were first developing CloudShark Threat Assessment and it’s quite possibly the most useful site for learning about handling malware and malicious attacks on your networks. We’ve been using his malware exercises to improve Threat Assessment; when doing so Tom said, “it’s so easy I almost feel like I’m cheating”.

Analysis Visualizations: Creating Charts to Speed Up Analysis

Naturally we love data visualization, and especially around packet data! We’re looking forward to Robert Bullen’s talk on this to find new ways we can make understanding a pcap easier.

A Web-Based Approach to Enhance Network Packet Capture & Decode Analysis Techniques using the Wireshark Command Line Tools

If that sounds like a mouthful, it’s because Ron Henderson (of Network Security Toolkit or NST) is about a thorough you can get when it comes to packet capture and network analysis tools. NST is a great web-based (which we like) toolkit that actually integrates with CloudShark. We always love seeing our integrators!

Keeping in touch with the community

As always, we’ll also be looking forward to meeting up with Gerald Combs, the father of all things Wireshark, who will be delivering the Keynote on “The Past, Present, and Future of Wireshark”. And of course, meeting new people and saying hello to all the familiar SharkFest faces and Wireshark veterans.

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for our frequent updates from the conference! We hope to meet you there!