CDRouter release 10.7 - TR-069 functional interop, new automation features, and more

April 26, 2018 • 2 min read

CDRouter 10.7 is now available!

This release has several major feature updates including both new tests and enhancements to CDRouter’s complete automation platform.


Schedule your testing to run at any time

CDRouter is a complete automation platform for all of your CPE and connected device testing, and we’ve enhanced this in CDRouter 10.7 with our “package scheduler”. Testing in CDRouter is set up via test packages, and now you can set a package to run at a particular time just as if it were initiated by a user. This is perfect for repeated regression testing and making sure you can maximize your testing over time.

Real-world TR-069 testing based on Broadband Forum ID-181

The Broadband Forum has a working draft producing new test cases for functional interoperability between a TR-069 ACS and CPE. These tests exercise a CPE’s integration of the CWMP stack into the actual configuration of the device’s capabilities, similar to CDRouter’s tests for TR-069 Wi-Fi setup.

The goal of IR-181 is to provide a common test plan for ACS to CPE interoperability, so that CPE and ACS partners can demonstrate that they work together in real deployments. CDRouter’s IR-181 tests are key to ensuring that your device will do well in these interop tests before seeking interop testing at an official BBF test laboratory.

Note that ID-181 is currently in draft status within the Broadband Forum. Once approved, this test plan will be published as IR-181. Future releases of CDRouter will be updated to ensure consistency with the most recent available versions of the ID/IR-181 test plan.


DNS over TLS

Providers or device developers may wish to provide DNS over TLS functionality, particularly with the release of CloudFlare’s DNS Service.

DNS over TLS lets users connect to DNS resolvers securely, preventing malicious entities from observing the DNS requests and responses that a user makes - a key feature for Internet privacy. CDRouter 10.7 supports DNS over TLS and has included tests for the protocol over both IPv4 and IPv6.

This, plus some other features and upgrades, are a great reason to upgrade to CDRouter 10.7. You can read the full release notes here.