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QA Cafe Promotes Security in Edge Networking Devices Through Better Testing

December 04, 2018 • 2 min read

You can find the official press release here.

Portsmouth, N.H., December 4, 2018 – QA Cafe, a leading provider of IP test solutions and capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics and service providers, today announced the release of a suite of easy to run security tests. The CDRouter test platform will now include a ready to launch collection of tests for interface, feature, and application security, that allows product developers and quality assurance teams to watch for security flaws from one revision to the next, and prove to their customers that their devices and applications meet a basic level of security before being deployed.

“Security is a complex topic for vendors of edge networking devices,” said Joe McEachern, Founder and CEO of QA Cafe. “Sometimes it’s zero-day vulnerabilities like the Mirai worm, but often, attacks are made through design choices that just went overlooked, like with the VPNFilter malware. We wanted to make it easy for developers to get a good picture of their device’s security through automated testing right away and after each code revision.”

The suite includes tests that reveal OS detection and other open service vulnerabilities using nmap, validation of firewall functions, TR-069 security, penetration testing for graphical user interfaces, and more.

“Broadband gateways, Wi-Fi, and other edge networking devices are complex, and have become an increasingly attractive target for malicious attacks,” said Steen Enevoldsen, head of Net Research & Development at Fullrate A/S. “Not every vendor or OEM takes it seriously enough. It’s great to see the team at QA Cafe building these tests into CDRouter in a way that lets developers easily test for critical vulnerabilities and implement best practices for building secure devices.”

The suite comes pre-packaged in CDRouter 11.1. Existing CDRouter customers can instantly start testing by adding the test list, and new customers will be able to begin hardening their product security just by installing CDRouter and selecting the tests, with minimal configuration necessary.

You can find more information about the security test package on the QA Cafe Support page.

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