CDRouter release 11.3 - Captive DNS, TR-069 Amendment 6, top test lists, and more

March 28, 2019 • 2 min read

CDRouter 11.3 contains new features for devices implementing parental control services or captive portals, looking for out-of-the-box test cases, or migrating to TR-069 Amendment 6. You can read the full release notes to see everything we’ve added.


Captive DNS

We’ve updated CDRouter’s DNS test cases with the ability to test whether a device will correctly implement a captive portal using DNS, or that clients will not be allowed to bypass features like parental controls or other content filtering services.

This feature is controlled with an easy to use test variable (dnsCaptive) in your CDRouter configuration, and is great for gateways used for hotel Wi-Fi or security/privacy appliances.


New “out-of-the-box” test lists

Just as with our CDRouter Top 100 and Security test lists, the testing team has been adding some easy to use, out-of-the-box test packages that cover basic functionality for a number of technologies. CDRouter 11.3 includes two new pre-defined test packages:

These tests are great for getting a baseline idea of your device’s support for these protocols before diving into more detailed testing.


Support for TR-069 Amendment 6

The Broadband Forum recently released Amendment 6 of TR-069, which adds some new features to the protocol such as the HEARTBEAT event, instance wildcards, and support for multiple firmware banks. Much of this support is tied into advances in the Device:2.12 data model for TR-069.

We’ve added test cases in CDRouter 11.3 that cover the HEARTBEAT event, wildcards, and multiple firmware banks for devices that have implemented the latest in CWMP.

All this plus a number of other feature enhancements makes 11.3 a must-have upgrade for our CDRouter customers!

Read the full release notes