QA Cafe Announces New Wi-Fi Router Security Test Solution

March 26, 2020 • 2 min read

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – QA Cafe, a leading provider of IP test solutions and capture analysis tools for broadband access, home networks, consumer electronics and service providers, today announced the release of the CDRouter Security test add-on. Featuring automated scanning, testing of product security features including parental controls, and a unique traffic monitoring capability, QA Cafe is first to market with a test automation solution tailored specifically to home/SOHO router and wireless AP security testing.

“It’s evident that cybercriminals have moved on to targeting home gateways and IoT devices,” said Erica Johnson, CEO at QA Cafe. “Automated security testing has never been more important in order to gain customer trust and increase confidence. With CDRouter, we’re taking a revolutionary and cost effective approach to security testing, laying the groundwork for consumer electronics manufacturers and broadband service providers to successfully build and deploy safer, more secure networks.”

CDRouter is the industry standard for testing complex networking devices and is used by hundreds of networking companies worldwide, from chipset to OEM to service provider, to accelerate development and deployment of enterprise edge, Wi-Fi and home networks. The CDRouter Security add-on represents the latest expansion to its comprehensive set of technologies, test cases, and simulation capabilities.

“More and more gateways and wireless APs are relying on connections to cloud infrastructure or management systems in order to be onboarded and utilize their key features,” said Timothy Winters, Chief Technology Officer at QA Cafe. “CDRouter Security is specifically designed to analyze that kind of traffic and alert developers to problems ahead of time. And as more devices support security and privacy applications like parental controls, developers need to ensure that functionality works as expected. The Security add-on also includes new test cases for products that are looking to protect their users.”

The CDRouter Security add-on is available now for both existing and new users of the CDRouter automated test solution.

Photo credit Danielle MacInnes via Unsplash