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CDRouter 13.0 introduces parallel testing option for broadband cpe and wifi routers

March 15, 2022

We’re very pleased to announce the release of CDRouter version 13.0. This new major release supports a new additional license option for those customers who want to maximize their test capability by running multiple tests in parallel.

Those customers looking for high-volume testing should reach out to us now to explore this new licensing option!

The changing broadband CPE and Wi-Fi device landscape

Wi-Fi routers and broadband CPE have seen a resurgence in demand, particularly as more of the world learned to rely on the subscriber/edge network to work and live during the pandemic. At the same time, these devices have seen an increase in their computing resources, at lower cost, with improved use of containers and virtualization - making the gateway into an opportunity for operators to deploy new services for their subscribers quickly and more efficiently.

As a result, the development of routers, APs, and gateways has shifted towards an agile, software-styled process focused on high-frequency and high-volume code building and testing. Firmware needs to be tested rapidly, sometimes even on a per-commit basis, with the ability to test multiple builds in parallel.

This trend has created a demand from our CDRouter users for higher-volume testing capability in their systems. CDRouter 13.0 provides some new features for our high-volume test users.

What do we call high-volume testing?

There are many factors when developing an overall testing strategy for your products. Depending on the technology, features, or the stage of development you are in, different kinds of testing should be performed at different intervals, with different test coverage, and may or may not be tied to a CI/CD environment. We even have a definitive guide on how to build an automated testing strategy that expands upon this.

High-volume testing is when multiple device builds, running on multiple physical or virtual platforms, are tested in parallel to maximize test coverage or exercise specific features. It is ideal for product development teams who are making frequent code changes or nightly builds, or for QA teams looking to qualify many different products simultaneously to increase test coverage.

What does this new expanded feature do?

With CDRouter 13.0, users with an NTA1000v5 or later can add the ability to run multiple test packages in parallel with a special, additional CDRouter licensing option. 

Users will get the most use out of parallel testing when focused on protocol, security port scanning, and other functional testing.  By launching several packages at once, CDRouter will automatically utilize the maximum number of available licensed instances.  That means the ability to run more tests more often, find bugs faster, and gain greater confidence in your products.

How can I find out more?

Users interested in high-volume testing should reach out now