prpl Foundation launches Certification program for High-Level API implementations of prplOS

November 27, 2023

Internet service providers can now trust that vendor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) running prplOS will interoperate with their device management systems and burgeoning application ecosystems, through the new High-Level Application Programming Interface (HL-API) certification program from the prpl Foundation.

From the official press release:

The HL-API certification program assures customers that their products have been tested to properly utilize the prpl Foundation’s official device definition using the Broadband Forum TR-181 Device:2 model, which standardizes the way that interfaces, features and device statistics are described when managed via the Broadband Forum User Services Platform (TR-369).

“This certification is extremely valuable for operators looking to deploy solutions this powerful,” said Tim Winters of QA Cafe, Chair of the prpl Foundation Testing and Certification Working Group. “Based on the High-Level API test plan, devices that pass testing are those that have correctly implemented the standardized parameters, commands and service objects. They have also made the appropriate underlying changes to their configurations or revealed the proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) when triggered to do so via their management interface. This validation is the cornerstone of what prplOS-enabled devices are and will be capable of in the future”.

CDRouter is the official test tool of the prpl HL-API certification, leveraging CDRouter's USP testing capabilities to exercise the implementation of the device data model. Reach out to us to learn more about getting certified!