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QA Cafe Launches Packet Viewer for Cloud-Managed Network and Security Platforms

April 09, 2024

Dover, NH – April 9, 2024 (PRNewswire) – QA Cafe, a leading provider of network product testing and analysis solutions, today announced the launch of Packet Viewer, a strategic upgrade for cloud-managed network and security platforms to provide their customers secure, in-app packet analysis, complementing and extending existing capabilities with minimal development.

For cloud-managed network and security vendors who need to offer packet traces to their customers, Packet Viewer provides embedded web-based packet analysis with a familiar Wireshark-like interface. Unlike downloading pcap files, Packet Viewer allows network trace files to remain secure while still delivering the packet-level detail customers require.

Key features of Packet Viewer

  • Secure data handling: With Packet Viewer, PCAP data remains within the vendor’s cloud environment, bolstering security and customer trust.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Packet Viewer includes a sleek, familiar, and intuitive interface that reduces complexity and keeps customers focused on analysis, not on navigating between different tools.
  • Minimal Development: Packet Viewer's components provide a 100% JavaScript UI for packet analysis that easily integrates into an existing solution, powered by a private backend service running in the vendor’s cloud.

“Cloud-managed network and cybersecurity platforms often include packet capture as part of their solution,” said Tim Winters, CTO of QA Cafe. “However, a modern, fully-integrated web interface for exploring pcaps within their application does not exist. This presents a problem for network and security solution vendors that need to provide this capability to their customers without relying on insecure downloads, or additional software that takes users out of the tool. We’re proud to offer Packet Viewer as a tailored solution to this problem.”

Anyone interested in adding Packet Viewer to their solution can contact QA Cafe at