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QA Cafe partners with Packet Detectives to deliver expert training for network and application troubleshooting

November 10, 2022

CloudShark Academy will provide hands-on training on collaborative network analysis for enterprise IT and devops teams

Dover, N.H., November 10, 2022 (PR Newswire) -- QA Cafe, a leading provider of test solutions and collaborative network analysis tools for broadband access, enterprise networks, consumer electronics, and service providers, today announced a partnership with Packet Detectives (DuBois Training & Consulting, LLC) to create CloudShark Academy, an expert training program for enterprise IT and DevOps teams looking to onboard and provide professional development opportunities for their personnel.

Packet Detectives, spearheaded by highly-recognized industry expert Betty DuBois, offers network analysis training and consulting services to businesses and individuals worldwide. They bring over 20 years of experience in network analysis and troubleshooting to their clients, helping them to understand the fundamentals of network packet capture and investigation for a wide array of use cases.

“Packet capture analysis is such a critical part of network and application troubleshooting,” said Betty. “But, it isn’t well understood and often done in ways that are heavily siloed or outside of an organization’s standard operating procedures. Working with QA Cafe through their CloudShark Enterprise solution lets us teach these valuable skills while also showing how to collaborate on packet data during investigations and getting everyone involved to work as a team.”

“Betty has been so valuable to the community for years,” said Erica Johnson, CEO at QA Cafe. “Combining her experience and teaching expertise with CloudShark’s collaborative, web-based platform for network, security, and application troubleshooting is an obvious choice that will benefit enterprises, government agencies, and educational and financial institutions everywhere. We’re excited to see how CloudShark Academy grows out of this partnership.”

CloudShark Enterprise is a secure solution that enables network and security teams to organize, analyze, and collaborate on packet captures. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, with no need to download sensitive data to local machines or install policy-violating software on workstations. For more information, see

About DuBois Training & Consulting, LLC 

Betty DuBois is the Chief Detective for Packet Detectives, an application and network performance consulting and training firm based in Washington, DC. She has been solving network and application troubleshooting mysteries since 1997.  

Experienced with a range of hardware and software packet capture solutions, she captures the right data, in the right place, and at the right time to find the real culprit.

Betty presents at SharkFest, the Wireshark Developer and User Conference, and is active in the Wireshark community.

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