QA Cafe Sponsors SharkFest'22 US with Expert Speaker and Community PCAP Challenge

May 10, 2022


QA Cafe is proud to be sponsoring SharkFest’22 US! The annual educational conference focused on sharing knowledge, experience and best practices among the Wireshark developer and user communities is happening this year in Kansas City. Registration is open now! If you are curious about what SharkFest is like, you can catch their SharkFest Retrospective series of past events here.

SharkFest brings together some of the most well-known experts in network security, troubleshooting, and packet capture analysis in one place to offer classes, discussions, and collaboration opportunities for everyone involved. This year, our own Tom Peterson, with help from the famous Sake Blok, is developing the highly anticipated “esPCAPe” group challenge competition - a contest that commits SharkFest attendees minds to the task of finding obscure clues embedded in a network packet trace. It lets participants flex their knowledge of pcaps and their investigation skills, and above all, it’s fun!

Tom’s plan for the pcap challenge will be revealed at SharkFest. In addition, he’ll also be giving a talk on how different network analysis tools - like Wireshark or Suricata - may reassemble a TCP stream differently than the endpoints involved in a network conversation. This can have interesting results for anyone looking into a network troubleshooting or cybersecurity incident!

You can also catch some of the core packet analysis training classes from the likes of Betty DuBois, Chris Greer, and more. These courses are great for anyone on your netsec ops team that can use some professional training and level-up their packet capture skill set. We hope to see you there!