QA I CDRouter for Cable and MSO Providers

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An automated test solution that helps meet the demands of high-speed DOCSIS networks

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Internet access device testing is essential for meeting the demands of customers and regulatorsWithout the right tools, DOCSIS testing environments are complex to set up

Internet access for enterprises and home subscribers has been revolutionized by cable provider networks. As DOCSIS 3.1 continues to push the barriers of bandwidth, the customer edge remains key towards providing the quality, speed, and security that users and regulators demand.

Cable providers, device manufacturers, and ODMs of cable modems, Wi-Fi eRouters, and set-top-boxes know that testing at every stage - from development to deployment - is critical to a quality customer experience. But DOCSIS setups are complex and require many components and services to provision a usable test environment - without the right tools.

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Network device testing for Cable and MSO providersGo to market faster with your RDK-B based devices

CDRouter is the industry-leading automated testing solution for testing the features, performance, and security of network devices. With an elegant web interface, robust API and thousands of test cases designed specifically for cable subscriber networks and the RDK-B reference implementation, CDRouter is an indispensable tool for design, deployment, and regression testing for both you and your vendors - and to give regulators the proof they need.

For RDK developers, it is the quickest, easiest way to fully test your implementations at every stage of your product lifecycle and go to market with your RDK-B based solutions faster than ever before.

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Simplify your test setup with a completely simulated DOCSIS network

Simplify your test setup with a completely simulated DOCSIS network

There's no need to provision all of the components necessary to test your networking devices. CDRouter simulates everything you need including DHCP, TFTP, ToD, SNMP NMS, TR-069 ACS, and log server. Just connect through any CMTS and start testing.

Standardize your test process with your eRouter, CM, STB, and WiFi vendors

Standardize your test process with your eRouter, CM, STB, and WiFi vendors

Validate a device's performance metrics, TR-069 configuration, Wi-Fi configuration and scaling, rate limits, routing functionality, IPv6 transition mechanisms, security, penetration testing, and more in a single platform that is fully automated and makes collaboration with your vendors easier than ever before.

Save time and resources with automated testing

Save time and resources with automated testing

CDRouter testing easily becomes part of your ongoing development cycle, cutting the time and resources that manual testing demands by a factor of ten or more. Easily cycle through dynamically built CM configurations, guarantee repeatability, and get complete log and packet capture reports for each test cycle, from one revision to the next.

Connecting the dotsDiscover how CDRouter is transforming network device testing for Cable and MSO Providers


QA Cafe and RDK-B testing on the RDK Podcast

September 29, 2021

The QA Cafe team works closely with the RDK community to validate the open-source RDK-B solution. Our CTO Tim Winters got a chance to sit down with Jamie Walker from the RDK Podcast to talk about testing, automation, standards, and how CDRouter helps RDK-B implementations stay robust and interoperable! Watch it here.


Packet capture use cases for operators and ISPs

November 08, 2021

What are some of the best ways that operators can gather and record network packets? What should you do as a vendor to enable packet capture in your products? What are the best ways to work with captures once you have them?


How to test DSCP QoS in your broadband gateway/Wi-Fi router

June 12, 2023

Ensuring that DSCP based QoS works, and works well, when prioritizing video, voice, and other data is crucial to ensuring a quality end-user experience. Here’s a bit about DSCP and how you can test it on your products using CDRouter.

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