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Response time matters when your network is under attackHaving the right tools and data can make all the difference in protecting networks against security threats

Security professionals know that it’s critical to investigate, assess, and track the vulnerabilities that allow systems to be compromised by a malicious attack.

Network packet capture data is your most valuable asset when building a threat response, but it can be tedious and difficult to work with.

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Network analysis for Cyber Defense and SecurityResolve network security attacks quickly – and be ready for the next one

PCAP analysis should be a key piece in any security/malware defense lifecycle, as understanding alerts and updating protective infrastructure go hand in hand.

CloudShark provides a secure network analysis platform that enables your entire team to collaborate on packet analysis and deliver lightning-fast response times, faster issue resolution, and the ability to stay ahead of future attacks.

Stay organized and stay compliant

Stay organized and stay compliant

With a single, secure place to store all of your captures, your entire team can work on the same data securely in one location. Meet your company's NIST SP-800-53, Cybersecurity Framework, or TIC 3.0 compliance targets by keeping your network trace data away from analyst workstations, and avoid downloading specialized software.

Alerts with context

Alerts with context

Having access to the entire trace file for a specific alert is critical to understanding what went on during an incident. Related DNS traffic, suspicious URIs, and additional indicators can be a huge help to understanding the whole attack scenario. Having just an alert without PCAP data, or data without a trusted ruleset isn't enough. CloudShark gives you both — correlated together for you to start your analysis.

Pivot to Zeek — built-in!

Pivot to Zeek — built-in!

Every alert includes the community-id a hash of the traffic that is consistent across all your tools. Pivot from an alert directly to the Zeek Logs analysis tool within CloudShark to gather evidence and perform additional analysis.

Connecting the dotsDiscover how CloudShark is transforming network troubleshooting and investigation for cyber defence and security


5 tips to improve incident response using packet captures

February 03, 2021 · 5 min read

When an attack happens, the packet data that flows across the network is critical to the incident response lifecycle. Here's 5 tips to greatly improve the success of your security operations using pcaps along with tools like Zeek and Suricata.


Looking at CallStranger with Zeek in CloudShark

February 03, 2021 · 2 min read

Last month we learned about a new vulnerability dubbed “CallStranger” which shows how UPnP can be used to exfiltrate data and perform DDoS amplification attacks. Billions of devices are vulnerable.

Case Studies

F5 Uses CloudShark in the Fight Against DDoS

February 08, 2021 · 3 min read

One of f5 networks key solutions is its Silverline DDoS protection. The task of capturing, detecting, and filtering such massive attacks means they often go directly to raw packet data to root out customer problems. CloudShark’s collaboration tools have changed the way they deal with packet captures, saving them valuable time in an industry where seconds matter.

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