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Your customers demand seamless serviceMSPs need to offer quick and effective support when customer issues arise

For the managed service provider of anything “as a service”, troubleshooting networks — all with different needs and different technologies — is critical to providing high-quality Wi-Fi, cloud, and security services.

MSP professionals know that packet captures don’t lie and can be your most valuable asset for resolving customer issues, if you have the right tools.

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Network analysis for Managed Service ProvidersTroubleshooting and investigation made easy

Effective network troubleshooting means having the tools and information you need, accessible in the way that you need them.

CloudShark provides a secure network analysis platform that enables your entire team to collaborate on packet analysis, share results, and solve network issues quickly.

Organize your capture data from anywhere

Organize your capture data from anywhere

Captures can come from anywhere in your network. With a single repository for all of your network trace data that works with your existing managed infrastructure, you can make sure that valuable troubleshooting and incident data is never lost and empower your team with a searchable database of packet captures to keep history on your side.

Let your customers and support team work together

Let your customers and support team work together

Your support team and customers both face an uphill battle when things go wrong. With web-based packet analysis that works right in a browser, you can collaborate on problems together, getting valuable feedback from customers without losing time replicating analysis — all without the need to install specialized software on workstations or at customer sites.

Get expert information for any skill set

Get expert information for any skill set

Effective troubleshooting means making sure the information you need it accessible in the way that you need it. By applying powerful web technology to the detailed information buried in packet captures, you’ll get a clear view of problems that everyone can see and resolve, faster.

Customer successDiscover how CloudShark is transforming network troubleshooting and investigation for MSPs


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Simplifying cloud-managed network troubleshooting with packet captures

March 30, 2021 · 1 min read

As more network management moves to the cloud, vendors building cloud-managed network tools have a unique opportunity to provide remote packet capture as part of their platform. Cloud- managed networking systems with built-in packet capture and web-based analysis tools provide wonderful new opportunities for network and security operations, IT pros, and managed service providers.


Packet capture use cases for operators and ISPs

November 08, 2021

What are some of the best ways that operators can gather and record network packets? What should you do as a vendor to enable packet capture in your products? What are the best ways to work with captures once you have them?

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