Test Setup for LTE Gateway or Mobile Hotspot

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Now that mobile data connections have reached speeds acceptable for broadband access, more and more devices are using LTE as either their primary or backup WAN connection. As more devices get pushed into the home, this number will likely increase by quite a bit. How do you test routers and gateways with LTE WAN connections, that have all of the same testing needs as other home and enterprise broadband gateways?

CDRouter supports the testing of such devices just like it does with other access technologies like DSL, PON, and Cable/DOCSIS.


Physical Test Setup

 lte wan test setup

CDRouter Configuration

Since the LTE core network will assign the device an IP address in accordance with 3GPP System Architecture Evolution, CDRouter must be configured to expect the DUT to have a static IP address, using the wanMode test variable.

        testvar wanMode                          static

This also requires some knowledge of what the LTE core network will assign to the DUT, for example:

testvar wanIspIp testvar wanIspAssignIp testvar wanNatIp testvar wanIspMask

The testvars for setting up IPv6 for the same scenario would be these:

testvar ipv6WanMode      static

testvar ipv6WanIspIp                       3001:d34::1
testvar ipv6WanIspAssignIp            3001:d34::2
testvar ipv6WanIspNextIp                3001:d34::2
testvar ipv6WanIspPrefixLen            64

For more info, check out support articles on IPv4 WAN setup and IPv6 WAN setup.