Making the Internet Safer: How and Why We Use Suricata to Analyze Network Traffic and Test Network Devices

Suricata is an open-source Intrusion Detection System that uses signature-based rules to identify unusual or undesirable activity within network traffic. We are sponsoring the annual Suricata conference this year - SuriCon - since it is so important to our work and making CDRouter, CloudShark, and PassPort customers successful.

Whether you are a network product developer, network operator/ISP, or on a network/security operations team, learning about open-source IDS platforms can help you!

What is Suricata? How important is it? Why do we use it in our products, and what have we learned? Join Tom, Tim, and Matt for a special open information session to learn:

- What Suricata and how it operates as a monitoring tool and pcap analysis tool
- How we visualize security alerts using “threat vectors” in CloudShark
- How to use Suricata during network product testing to catch unwanted behavior
- How we use dynamic rule creation to create custom alerts during testing

And more!