Velocimetrics expert series on sub-second packet visibility and impacts on the network

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Microbursts are difficult to detect and can cause all sorts of problems, particularly with applications that require reliable, high-speed, low-latency data transmissions. Our partners at Velocimetrics develop solutions to monitor, analyze, and improve these high-performance networks, and CloudShark is an integral part of their platform.

Steve Rodgers, Head of Engineering at Velocimetrics, is an expert on troubleshooting critical networks in finance and trading applications. He’s published some great examples of how to use their stream2Cloud product, to find and resolve issues in high-performance networks caused by network microbursts. From his blog:


A trading application reports regular perceived delays on data arriving from the exchange. “My prices are late” - it’s a common problem raised to infrastructure teams…

… Only when looking at the stream2Cloud microburst metrics can you start to see the signs of a problem - regular utilisation up to around 45% at the millisecond scale. Network bursts can cause delays and are a good indicator of congestion or components within your infrastructure that are misbehaving…

…stream2Cloud captures the packets as well as generating telemetry, so we can drill down to the packets from this [millisecond] time-frame and see what can be observed with our microscope - CloudShark.

This kind of behaviour may not be important to many enterprise applications, but when your business depends on timely delivery of data - such as electronic trading - your network may be hiding some terrible secrets.


Follow the whole series on microbursts and how they affect every layer of the network in Steve Rodgers’ blog on LinkedIn.

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