TechTarget: Top 5 considerations of IoT Wi-Fi interoperability testing

Since Wi-Fi is highly likely to be used for IoT and smart home device connectivity, Wi-Fi interoperability is critical. Connectivity issues are the most common problems cited when consumers complain about their IoT and smart home devices. 

In our latest guest article for Techtarget IoTAgenda, you’ll learn some helpful testing tips to ensure the quality of IoT products in complex Wi-Fi environments.

Here's an excerpt:

Test 802.11 association/disassociation IoT devices are designed to be mobile, moving around a network where they might disconnect and connect to different APs. They are also designed to be sleepy - going into a low power mode when they are not needed. This all means that their ability to quickly and successfully go through the 802.11 association and disassociation processes is critical to their overall performance. Ultimately, testing association/disassociation helps prove that a device can come back after losing connectivity and become fully capable, functioning, and secure.

You can read the full article on TechTarget.

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