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Beeks Financial Cloud incorporates CloudShark into their solution to revolutionize financial network analysis

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Note: Velocimetrics is now part of Beeks Financial Cloud!

Our case studies usually focus on end-users of CloudShark, but our recent integration with Velocimetrics was a great opportunity to show just how easy it is to work with us here and incorporate CloudShark into your products to get the most out of working with captures.

The Challenge: Provide better network visibility for financial and trade markets

Velocimetrics is a provider of real-time business flow tracking and performance analytics for the world’s most critical and time-sensitive networks: those in finance and trade. Their solution independently tracks and analyzes the real-time performance of individual trades or payments, and helps firms meet the transparency requirements of regulations like MiFID II.

“One of the ways we derive the data for these analytics is with packet captures,” said Nick Gordon, Co-Founder of Velocimetrics. “A network trace is often the most valuable asset you can have when trying to resolve an issue causing slow transactions or lost data. Dealing with packets directly, however, can be somewhat tedious and esoteric.”

“They are valuable enough that we were relying on users downloading the captures and analyzing them with Wireshark,” remembered Nick. “But it wasn’t a seamless solution that worked well with the Velocimetrics system. We wanted to match our system’s ease of use and ability to provide analytical data in context.”

The Solution: Integrating CloudShark’s web-based packet capture management and analysis “

We created a module working with CloudShark,” said Nick, “that allows you to deploy our solution, organize captures, and view the data accordingly. The integration was easy - our teams worked really closely together on the solution.”

CloudShark is now deployed as part of the Velocimetrics solution, enhancing their ability to make network packet captures useful, and keep sensitive data secure.

“As it all runs from a browser, it’s much easier for network analysts using Velocimetrics to do this root cause analysis,” commented Nick. “It allows them to share their work very easily with their colleagues without having to download and install software or pass around large (and sensitive) network captures.”

“Our users can also take advantage of CloudShark’s DeepSearch, which lets them search across a history of captures for similar events, plus flexible display filters, annotation features, and a full set of network level reporting capabilities that all network administrators aspire to.”

The new way of working with packets improves network analysis products

“CloudShark has provided the final analytical cog to enable Velocimetrics to provide clients with a solution where they can seamlessly drill down from a business transaction, such as trade or market data, directly through to the individual network packets using CloudShark,” said Nick.

“We really wanted our users to be able to benefit from root cause analysis and the granularity of being able to delve down into the lowest possible level of data.” said Nick. “CloudShark really was the perfect fit to integrate into our offering. In comparison to the old solution, it’s light years ahead in terms of flexibility and functionality.”