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Customers demand high-performance routers and secure, reliable Wi-FiTesting is critical for guaranteeing your products work as intended

For manufacturers, ODMs, and chipset designers for enterprise edge and Wi-Fi systems, the pressure is great to provide powerful, high-performance routers and secure, reliable, site-wide Wi-Fi. For both direct sales and service provider deployments, you're faced with guaranteeing your products are robust and secure.

If you're developing or deploying these systems, you know that testing at every stage is critical to a quality customer experience and winning provider bids. These networks need to "just work", but testing is tedious and expensive - without the right tools.

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Automated enterprise gateway and Wi-Fi testingHelping enterprise networking manufacturers build quality products

If you're building a managed Wi-Fi system, your products need access to the cloud or other network resources in order to function properly. CDRouter's unique architecture lets your device access those resources while isolating test traffic - and lets you double check its behavior with logs and packet captures.

With an elegant web interface, robust API and thousands of test cases designed specifically for enterprise gateways and Wi-Fi networks, CDRouter is an indispensable tool for design, deployment, and regression testing.

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Simulate a complete enterprise network

Simulate a complete enterprise network

There's no need to provision all of the components necessary to test your networking devices. CDRouter simulates everything you need on the WAN, including PPPoE, DHCPv4/v6, PPTP, L2TP, Static IPv4/v6, 6to4, 6rd, DS-Lite, 802.1x Access Control, and more. Simulate up to 128 Wi-Fi clients on the LAN and emulate user's network behavior.

Get complete test coverage. No coding. No development.

Get complete test coverage. No coding. No development.

Validate a device's performance, VPN implementation, Wi-Fi configuration and scaling, behavior in the presence of user activity, IPv6 transition mechanisms, security, and more in a single platform that is fully automated and easy to use.

Accelerate your development with time saving automation

Accelerate your development with time saving automation

CDRouter testing easily becomes part of your ongoing development cycle, cutting the time and resources that manual testing demands by a factor of ten or more. Easily cycle through different network configurations, guarantee repeatability, and get complete log and packet capture reports for each test cycle, from one revision to the next.

Connecting the dotsDiscover how CDRouter is transforming enterprise gateway and Wi-Fi testing networking manufacturers


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