APNIC blog - Testing transition mechanisms in IPv6-only networks

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Timothy Winters, QA Cafe’s Chief Technology Officer, is featured on APNIC, the Asia Pacific source of IP address distribution, with a blog post about Testing Transition Mechanisms in IPv6-Only Networks. What are the major roadblocks when testing IPv6 transition mechanisms?

An excerpt:

Moving to an IPv6-only network makes the most economical sense for the future, but legacy IPv4 hosts and services will continue to exist for some time. This means that operators need mechanisms that allow IPv4 packets to route through their IPv6-only network.

These so called ‘transition mechanisms’ are numerous and fulfil many different use cases, but in order to realize IPv6-only deployments, routers that implement these mechanisms need to be fully tested to ensure they will work, and work well, in an operator’s network.

Read the whole article here.

Did you know that CDRouter adds new test capabilities for IPv6 transition mechanisms? Check out the IPv6 add-on to learn more.