CDRouter Release 10.4 - GRE, Application Latency, TR-069 Bootstrap, and more

August 16, 2017 • 1 min read

CDRouter 10.4 is now available!

With some major features and upgrades to performance, TR-069, and more, it’s a great time to upgrade your CDRouter system.


Application Latency Performance Testing

When it comes to performance testing, layer 2 throughput testing is what most tools stick to. But is it enough? No - “line rate” can only mean so much. CDRouter 10.4 introduces application specific latency test cases for DHCP, DNS, and ICMP, to help you exercise how your devices will actually behave from an end user’s perspective. See our training session on performance testing to see how it’s important.


TR-069 Bootstrap Scenario

CDRouter’s TR-069 Scenario cases let you easily build custom tests to emulate the behavior of a real ACS and test specific data model interactions. With the new Bootstrap scenario, you can truly make CDRouter into an ACS simulator, by building in a custom set of RPCs and procedures to be executed when the DUT first contacts CDRouter. We’ve discussed having CDRouter emulate an ACS before, and now it’s even easier.


GRE Tunnel Test Cases

One of our test cases built with feedback from users like you, we’ve added a full suite of GRE tunnel test cases to let you test your DUT’s support of Generic Routing Encapsulation.