CDRouter release 11.1 - security testing, MAP-E, virtual test interfaces, and more

December 04, 2018 • 4 min read

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With our new security test package, MAP-E, WiFi packet capture and improved packet capture viewer, CDRouter 11.1 is an important upgrade for CDRouter users. Most of our improvements come from our customers, so never hesitate to contact us with your feature requests!


Security Test Package

Security in edge networking devices has been a real concern for several years now as malicious attackers are successfully targeting them in breaches like Mirai, VPNFilter, and many others - many of them exploiting vulnerable design choices that have been known about for a long time.

At QA Cafe, our primary interest is ensuring our customers produce robust, quality networking devices through testing. We’ve collected all of our security related tests into a single package that comes pre-installed in CDRouter 11.1. Running these tests, that include firewall, TR-069 security, SSL/TLS, and nmap scanning, gives CDRouter users a great baseline for validating the security of their implementations. You can read our quick start guide on the CDRouter security package for more.



CDRouter security package in the press "Not every vendor or OEM takes it seriously enough. It's great to see the team at QA Cafe building these tests into CDRouter in a way that lets developers easily test for critical vulnerabilities and implement best practices for building secure devices." - Steen Enevoldsen, head of Net Research & Development at Fullrate A/S. Read the full press release.


MAP-E IPv6 transition mechanism testing

There are many ways that providers can help ease the co-existence of an IPv4 based customer network and their IPv6 based provider network. IETF RFC 7597 introduced a method for MAP by encapsulation as a great method for doing this.

CDRouter’s MAP-E test cases (in the mape.tcl module) validate a MAP-E enabled router’s ability to translate inbound and outbound packets, plus additional features and requirements of the protocol. This addition was in high demand from our CDRouter customers, and we’re pleased to add it!


New and improved packet capture viewer through TraceFrame

CDRouter’s packet capture viewer that allows users to do deep packet analysis on the captures generated during testing has been dramatically improved through its integration with TraceFrame, the technology behind QA Cafe’s CloudShark Enterprise packet capture repository and analysis tool. Some of the key features include:

  • An unlimited number of packets can be viewed at one time. This eliminates CDRouter’s 2000 packet limit on capture logs
  • Faster and more efficient processing of packet views
  • Sortable columns for each packet field
  • The ability to drag-and-drop packet filters from the decode view into the filter box

And more! Use this new feature when looking at the packet captures generated while testing.


WiFi packet capture in CDRouter 11.1 CDRouter 11.1 also includes support for 802.11 packet captures generated in your test logs, complete with custom standard filter capability using the wifiCaptureFilter testvar, making WiFi test troubleshooting even easier!


Virtualized LAN test interfaces and client support

CDRouter has supported scaling testing using virtualized WiFi radios, and now in CDRouter 11.1 support for virtualizing LAN test interfaces with different MAC addresses, plus the ability to simulate unique LAN clients on each virtual interface. This lets CDRouter customers simulate a large number of devices in an end-user or enterprise’s network that are connecting to your device under test, pushing the limits and ensuring a robust implementation.

These plus new test cases and other feature improvements make CDRouter 11.1 a must have! You can read the full release notes for all the details.