Webinar - Build and deploy safer products with new methods of security testing

1 min read

Security testing can be easy with the right tools! With an increase in cybercriminals targeting home/SOHO gateways and Wi-Fi APs, testing has never been more important. In this webinar, you’ll learn how monitoring the behavior of a device under test, by analyzing its live network traffic can help uncover issues that may not come to light with regular penetration testing. This revolutionary testing method validates that your device is following best practices or deployment policies prior to being deployed.

Watch the webinar above as show you how to use the industry standard Suricata threat signatures and rule sets to:

  • Detect potentially harmful router behavior prior to deployment
  • Test a compromised device that has been isolated for lab testing
  • Ensure that provider-specified policies are met
  • Streamline regression testing after a security fix

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