Using CDRouter in an FTTdp Deployment with

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fttdp test setup

Fiber-to-the-drop-point testing

New broadband access topologies come along every day that are making it easier for service providers to provide fiber quality broadband services without running fiber all the way to the home. One of these topologies is referred to as “Fiber to the Drop Point (FTTP)”, and does precisely this: allowing fiber to be run to a Drop Point Unit, where it is broken out into VDSL2 or (the lastest and fastest DSL based transition technology. The customer CPE terminates DSL, which connects to a drop point unit nearby. This is then bridged to GPON/XGPON or another fiber technology which is then terminated in the normal fashion and connected to the provider’s network.

Much like the test setup for GPON, CDRouter can be used to test CPE in a lab using a and FTTdp architecture.

Using CDRouter to test CPE that are designed to be in such a deployment will help you verify the functionality of those CPE before they are in the field, and ensure that fundamental FTTdp concepts like VLAN separation, QoS, etc. will perform well and correctly.