Video: Testing Broadband Forum TR-181 Data Models for TR-069 and USP


Testing your device's implementation of the Broadband Forum TR-181 Device:2 data model can look like a monumental task. With the right automation, however, validating that your product correctly implements all objects, parameters, commands, and events can be done easily and repeatably in less time.

At QA Cafe, we've been involved with the standardization of TR-069, USP/TR-369, and TR-181 for over 15 years. CDRouter is the official test platform for all three. Our own Tucker Owens has been on the front lines of test development and standardization for these powerful technologies. Here he shows you: what is TR-181, and how it applies to TR-069-and-USP-managed devices; how to effectively test your entire data model; and how to test deployment-specific or customer-specific custom data models.

You can download the slides here.


00:00 - Introduction

1:00 - Overview of TR-069 and USP

08:00 - What are data models and TR-181

12:00 - How to test TR-181 implementations in CDRouter - profile tests

25:20 - Modifying profiles and data model tests

33:20 - Using CDRouter XML data model creator

37:30 - Functional and scenario testing

42:00 - Resources and Q&A