Testing IoT for interoperability, security and reliability (TechTarget)

Market news around the smart home has been dominated by stories about poorly performing solutions, security flaws, and difficult user experiences. This has created a slow adoption rate of smart home products, with consumers wrestling with set-up, connectivity, security concerns, and a fractured market of available products and technologies. The consequences affect all those who would gain from an explosion in the smart home market, limiting new revenue opportunities for consumer electronics companies, cloud application providers, and operators.

A large part of this comes from inadequate testing and a significant expertise gap for IoT developers concerning networking technologies. In our guest blog in TechTarget's IoT Agenda, we'll talk about why networking interoperability, security, and reliability need to be tested, why they are important to a solid IoT experience, and how stakeholders can automate testing, supplement their expertise, and pay attention the small details that will help them deploy better products.

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